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Connecting companions to the best of care, from anywhere.

PetBridge helps veterinarians safely connect with pets and their families through virtual visits

VCPR Established

Integrated Modern Telehealth

Telehealth tools reduce client wait times while increasing veterinarian revenue, all while operating within the confines of VCPR.

Telehealth will compliment your treatment, not replace it, while providing convenience and elevated care for beloved pets from their own homes.


No VCPR Established


New patients can be seen as an initial consultation and will be required to conduct an additional in-person evaluation. A charge for the teleadvice can be paid upon scheduling and deducted/credited from the in-person regular charge.

This service allows for revenue generation while protecting the clinic from no-show appointments, ideal for creating new client relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

How PetBridge Can Help

Benefits to Veterinary Telehealth

Postoperative Follow-up

Dermatologic Concerns

Behavioral Issues and Training

Long-Term Care Monitoring

Transportation Issues

Hospice Care

Basic Triage

Environmental Concerns

Integrated Scheduling

Trusted & loved by

“Jackie was couging from two days and we could not figure out the cause. Then we talked to our vet through PetBridge and got the reassurance we needed that she was okay. Thanks for the wonderful service.”


Megan Aubrey

Interior Decorator, We Design Ltd.

“Max was suffering from lameness. I called the PetBridge and they scheduled a virtual visit within 10 minutes. The quality of service and dedication is commendable.”


Ajay Mehra

Software Architect, Doodle Inc.

Customizable and Integrated

PetBridge has a built-in scheduling tool that can be integrated, and customized to match your clinic colors and logo. Contact us to schedule a demo to discuss how PetBridge can modernize your clinic.